Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tune-in - A Great Android World-Wide Radio App - 50,000 Stations

I love TuneIn Radio, a great streaming audio world-wide Android radio app, which provides access to 50,000 radio stations and 1.2 million programs. You can find stations all over the world - searching by subject, location, or language. It’s extremely easy to use.

I now have a list of preset Italian, French, and Japanese talk-show and music stations that I listen to on my phone as I’m driving. In one of my vehicles, I plug the radio into my sound system. In either case, the audio is excellent.

The app even has a car mode, which lets you speak commands.

There are two versions of TuneIn:
1. TuneIn Radio - the free version, which I use.
2. TuneIn Radio Pro - The ninety-nine cent version, which allows you to record programs.

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