Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Armand's Place French Tavern, Sarasota - Must Try

In recent weeks, I've been remiss in posting about our great restaurant experiences because I've been tied up in the publication of my novel, Team Triad. However, I have to write about the great lunch we had today at Armand's Place (http://armandsplace.com/) on St. Armand's Circle in Sarasota. Our meal was terrific. It is authentic and offers a selection of dishes that is different than other Sarasota French restaurants. The owner/chef Alexandre, a recent Parisian arrival, is warm, friendly, and talented.

My wife and I both had the three-course "Light Menu" which offers an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $19. There is an extra $2 charge for certain appetizers and desserts. There is a nice number of selections for each course. There is also a two-course "Light Menu" for $16. There are also many à la carte choices.

My wife and I both had the pâté et cornichons appetizer (country pâté, French pickles, and baguette slices). This was one of the extra charge appetizers. It was superb.

My wife's main course was Crepe Strasbourg - with cheese, fried egg, and sausage. Mine was the Crepe Bordeaux - with cheese, fried egg, ground lamb, and mushrooms. Both crepes were terrific.

We both had the same dessert - Crepe Sucre Citron - lemon and sugar crepe. They were delicious.

My wife's drink was a Raspberry Bellini - raspberry purée and champagne - $7.50.

I had two different glasses of wine. The first was a 2010 Chateau le Monge Côtes de Bourg for $8. It was past its prime. The second was a 2015 Raymond Fabre Côtes du Rhône for $8. It was very tasty.

The decor of Armand's Place is light and airy.

Alexandre kindly spoke French slowly and clearly to me so I could practice my French.

If we lived closer to Armand's Place, I could easily become addicted.